Page Header

Page Header UI Component

This component could be used as header of page with main title and navigation



avatarPlace for optional avatar componentReact.ReactNode-
barPlace for optional node below headerReact.ReactNode-
classNameClass added to the componentstring-
descriptionDescription of headerReact.ReactNode / string-
goBackIconCustom icon for "go back" buttonReact.ReactNode-
isolatedAdd horizontal line to separate contentbooleanfalse
inlineEditObject with InlineEdit component optionsObject-
morePlace for more detail buttonReact.ReactNode-
onGoBackCallback to previous state() => void-
onCloseCallback to close layer() => void-
rightSidePlace for optional node on right sideReact.ReactNode-
tabsPlace for optional tabs componentReact.ReactNode-
titleTitle of headerReact.ReactNode / string-
tooltipTooltip propsTooltipProps-
tooltipIconIcon componentReact.ReactNode-
handleTooltipClickFunction called on tooltipIcon click() => void-